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Willow Specialties

Willow Specialties offers a wide range of wholesale baskets and packaging supplies. Our product line includes paperboard, utility and storage baskets, novelty items, bottle holders, bowls and display pieces. We also offer bows, overwrap, raffia, shreds, shrink wrap and tools. Streamline your costs in gift packaging and production with our exclusive Will-O-Rack system. Call customer service for further details.

Willow's hallmark has always been delivering quality product at a reasonable price in a timely manner, and we are consistently improving these points to serve you better. Willow is unequaled in its breadth and depth of baskets and packaging supplies, specializing in meeting the needs of hotels, restaurants and supermarkets across the country. Our sales staff take pride in personalizing a program for your business, including training and implementation of cost saving processes.

Willow Specialties has generations of experience in the basket business. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and welcome you to the Willow Specialties family of satisfied customers.

Your Willow Specialties sales and customer service staff are at your service.

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