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Frequently Asked Questions




Can anyone order items from Willow Group?

How do I become a customer to purchase your products?

Can I purchase your items as an individual not a business?

Does Willow Group donate product to charitable organizations?

Are there any "Go Green" initiatives in which Willow Group participates?


Are there any minimum order requirements?


Why are the prices missing from the on-line catalogs?

What are the differences between the catalogs?


Are the products you sell eco-friendly?

What if I am not sure the product will fit my needs?

Do I have to pay for samples?

How accurate are the dimensions listed?

What do the letters stand for in the descriptions?

What is the difference between white willow and a white painted basket?

Why do some of the item numbers have periods with extensions?

Do you have any videos showing how to use your products?


Can I place items from different catalogs on one order?

Is there a minimum order amount to place a first time order?

Can I order less than the minimum dollar amount on an order?

What if I want to order something I cannot find in your catalog?

What if you do not have enough of the item I want to purchase?

How is the shipping charge calculated?

How can I keep the shipping cost down?


How can I pay for my order?

Why am I charged sales tax?

Does Willow Group keep my Credit Card information on file?


Can I see my past orders on line?

What is the difference between invoice History and Recent orders?

Why do some items have product on order but not Estimated Time of Arrival?

What are all the notes on my open order that appear to be codes?

How do I find the product I am looking for?

What if I start an order and cannot finish it?

Can I develop a wish list to compare items I am interested in without adding them to the cart?

What is the purpose of the order form selection on the ORDERS menu?

How accurate is the available inventory display on the detail screen?

What does "Item Not on File" mean when shopping from a pdf?

Why am I'm getting the message "0 matching items" when I know I've ordered it in the past?