Thursday, July 18

General Company


Can anyone order items from Willow Group?

Willow Group is a wholesale distributor that only sells to businesses.  We value the relationship with the businesses that purchase from us and do what we can to maintain those affiliations.  Our distribution center is designed to ship large quantities at a time. Our customers’ businesses are designed and structured to sell to the end consumer or our customer may be a large end user, such as supermarkets, airlines, casinos, specialty marketers and packers in the food, floral or specialty industries. 


How do I become a customer to purchase your products?

If you are a business, our Customer Service department can set you up with an account.  Please contact us Monday-Friday 7:30-4:00 EST at 1 800-724-7300 or email



Can I purchase your items as an individual not a business?

If you find an item you are interested in purchasing, please take the item number and our phone number (1-800-724-7300) to a local business and we will work with that business to provide you access to the items of your choice.  Local Florists or Gift Shops would be good candidates.



Does Willow Group donate product to charitable organizations?              

Due to the large demand for product donations, Willow Group has found it necessary to create guidelines to limit honoring most donation requests. Qualifying non-profit organizations can be set up as a customer and purchase products at the wholesale list price. Willow Group will not be responsible for the shipping cost but may be able to suggest discounted sale items.


Are there any “Go Green” initiatives in which Willow Group participates?

Yes, Willow Group offers many natural biodegradable products for your container needs.  In addition, we have reduced paper and waste by utilizing an electronic invoicing system.  If you are a customer and not currently receiving your invoices as an electronic PDF via email, please contact our customer service staff at  800-724-7300 or email 


We are continuing to develop ways to be more ecologically friendly.