Thursday, July 18

Placing Orders


Can I place items from different catalogs on one order?

Yes, items from any catalog or publication can be placed on one order.

Is there a minimum order amount to place a first time order?

Yes, the minimum order amount for a regular order is $100.00 per ship to address. The $100.00 minimum per order includes items selected for all the publications across all branches.


Can I order less than the minimum dollar amount on an order?

Yes, there will be a $30.00 below minimum order surcharge fee added to the order.


What if I want to order something I cannot find in your catalog?

Please contact our customer service staff or your assigned Independent Sales Rep. We will be glad to quote a special order for you.  Our ability to special order items depends on our particular supplier, quantity requested, acceptable cost range, and lead time available.


What if you do not have enough of the item I want to purchase?

Our Customer Service staff can assist with providing in-transit information, special order requirements, or substitute suggestions.

How is the shipping charge calculated?

Shipping costs can vary depending on the product selected and the distance from our distribution center.  Over 60% of the boxes Willow Group ships out are oversize.  Shipping costs for oversize boxes are calculated by box dimensions not the actual weight of the carton.  Much of our product is inexpensive, light weight and often large.  Our customers see our products as a good value even when considering the laid-in cost.


How can I keep the shipping cost down?

Ordering more at one time may allow Willow Group to ship your product by a Common Carrier reducing the cost.  Also, when shipping by common carrier our Customer Service staff can add a note to call you if more product will fit on the pallet with no additional freight charges.  You would be increasing the order value without increasing the freight cost – therefore lowering total freight percentage for the entire order.