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Are the products you sell eco-friendly?

Yes, most all of our products are biodegradable.  The majority of our containers are made out of natural products. We consistently work with our factories to use environmentally sound practices and we request that environmentally safe finishes are utilized in the production of our products, meeting CPISA and California Prop 65 standards.

What if I am not sure the product will fit my needs?

Sample orders can be placed for one to two pieces of each item. The $100 minimum order requirement is waived for sample orders.  Orders placed via the Website will not allow a quantity to be entered less than the item’s minimum without an error message. Sample orders can be placed through the Website system by entering the minimum quantity on the item then add a note on the check out screen “sample only please ship 1 pc only of item ###”. Customer Service will change the order before shipping based on the instructions in the note.


Do I have to pay for samples?

Yes, you will be charged the wholesale list price for the sample.  The sample is returnable for a refund.


How accurate are the dimensions listed?

All measurements are approximate outside top measurements (length, width, height, overall height for handle baskets). Additionally, our products are all hand-produced; as a result, size, color and weaves may vary.


What do the letters stand for in the descriptions?

DH=Drop Handle, HEX= Hexagon, MINI=Miniature, OB=Oblong, OH-Over Handle, OV=Oval, PC=Piece, RD=Round,

RECT= Rectangle, SH-Side Handle, SQ=Square, TRI=Triangle


What is the difference between white willow and a white painted basket?

White Willow (or Peeled White Willow) refers to a peeled willow (salix), where the bark has been removed to leave the natural  willow without the bark.  It is analogous to removing the bark from a tree branch and having left  the wood of a branch. When we refer to white painted basket, it refers to a basket that has been painted white and the material, dependent on style could be willow, fern, rattan, rattancore, bamboo, among other. We usually denote a white painted basket, as the ending of our code number with WHT or WHITE.


Why do some of the item numbers have periods with extensions?

The extension after the period typically represents a product variation such as size, color, or set definition.


Do you have any videos showing how to use your products?

Yes, we have a library of videos showing how to use many of our supplies in the "Info" tab under the "How To" section. We also offer many slideshows that give examples of how our products can be used.