Thursday, July 18

Online Ordering


Website Introduction and How To Guide


Can I see my past orders online?

Yes, once you login to the ORDERS site, on the left menu the options under ACCOUNT include Invoice History.  In Invoice History past orders can be reviewed, reprinted or tracked for delivery.

What is the difference between Invoice history and Recent orders?

Recent orders have not shipped yet or have shipped the same day you are viewing. Please note the status of the open order is tracked. Open backorders will also display in this view. Invoice History will display shipped orders.

Why do some items display product on order but not an Estimated Time of Arrival?

In the detail screen, the item transit status appears in the boxes to the right of the picture. If an Item is in the transit system with an expected arrival date, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) will be filled in with an approximate time frame such as Beginning or End of a specific month.  If the item is on order being produced, the ETA information does not display.

What are all the notes on my open order that appear to be codes?

Our Customer Service department staff works hard at capturing information regarding the status of each order by entering notes directly on the order.  Sometimes notes such as, “ship when 14-229 arrives”, assist with processing backorders immediately upon receipt.  Most of these notes are removed at invoicing.

How do I find the product I am looking for?

The catalogs are available in a PDF on the main website. The PDF pictures will link to the ORDER detail screen. Once you are logged in as a customer, pricing will be visible.  The search box on the top right screen of the ORDERS screen can locate items by item number or by description key words.

What if I start an order and cannot finish it?

Items added to the cart will remain until the cart is deleted or completed, however, if you close the browser or log out, the cart is emptied. 

Can I develop a wish list to compare items I am interested in without adding them to the cart?

Yes, on the item detail screen click on “Add to Favorites” link located next to the picture. All the items added to favorites will display upon selecting My Favorites from the left menu selection.

What is the purpose of the order form selection on the ORDERS menu?

If your business orders items repeatedly, the order form feature will create a base order.  Once a cart is created, select “Create Order Form” and give it a name.  Multiple order forms can be created based on your business needs.  Examples could include Holiday Order, Supply Order, Store Display, Retail Order, or miscellaneous. Once created, the order forms are utilized by selecting “Use Order Form”.

How accurate is the available inventory displayed on the detail screen?

The website ordering system is real time driven directly from our corporate database.

How do I add to the quantity I already have placed in my shopping cart?

In the shopping cart, manually enter the total quantity for that item and click the "update cart" button.

How can I add a purchase order number to my order?

On the checkout page, enter the purchase order number in the "Customer PO" field.  If you don't use one, just enter the day's date.

What does "Item Not on File" mean when shopping from a pdf?

If you receive the message "Item Not on File" the item you are shopping for has been discontinued. A customer service representative will be happy to help you find a possible replacement or substitution.

Why am I'm getting the message "0 matching items" when I know I've ordered it in the past?

Items that are sold out or discontinued will not display on the website but are noted as: "0 matching items". A customer service representative will be happy to help you find a possible replacement or substitution.