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Just Plant It


What are Just Plant It planters made of?

Just Plant It planters are made of high density resin — an architecturally solid and ecologically friendly material.


What makes these planters better than others on the market—what’s so special about Just Plant It containers??

Just Plant It planters are injected and molded, rather than blow molded. This allows the planters to be made to exact thicknesses and specifications. Our proprietary process provides strength, flexibility and the ability to create stunning styles and finishes.


What kinds of finishes and colors are available? Can custom colors be ordered?

We currently provide fifteen standard colors and finishes. We can also provide custom colors and finishes on advance orders. A minimum order for custom colors is 5 pallets per color. Our current finishes include solid colors and our unique “Hand Touch Finishes” that provide realistic, geological looks at a fraction of the cost of ceramic, marble and granite.



Can Just Plant It planters be used outdoors?              

YES! You can direct-plant in our Just Plant It planters, and these can be used indoors or out. If using indoors, do not drill the guide indents which can be used for drainage when using outside. We always recommend the use of saucers for indoor plants in case of over-watering. When using for outdoors, simply drill drain holes on the bottom as indicated and directly plant.


What about leaving the planters outside in winter?

Just Plant It planters are tested to not crack with soil in them down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.


What about shipping—is this costly? Do you have any freight deals?

Just Plant It planters are specially designed for pallet optimization. This means you save money on each pallet because our planters nest well for shipping. For example, we can ship 80 twenty-two inch planters on one pallet! Even better, you receive FREE FREIGHT (when paid within terms) on orders of three pallets or more



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